Nickel Revolvers with blue parts?
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Thread: Nickel Revolvers with blue parts?

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    Nickel Revolvers with blue parts?

    Early Colt Police Positives in Nickel had blued parts, hammer back and trigger, etc. Fire Blue was the norm. When did they change the finish on the parts to all nickel? I have seen pictures of pre 1910 revolvers all nickel and pics of blued triggers, etc. Was the change made to all revolver models at the same time?
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    I can't answer the question but my nickel Trooper Mark III has a polished blue hammer and trigger that came that way from the factory. I've seen other nickel Mark III's with case color triggers and hammers...maybe that's just the norm with coil spring revolvers.
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    I have a Colt Army Special which is this way, Nickel but for Hammer and Trigger, which are the Fire Blue ( other than for the sides of the Hammer being in the white of course ). I think the Ejector may be Blue also, but I am not sure.

    I do not recall right now if the Screws are Blue, or Nickel, but it is of the era which had the stylized "C" around the Rampant Colt emblem.

    I imagine one could have ordered their Colt Revolver to be this way, or variaitons of this, at any time following the change to Nickle being Nickle for everything ( which to my Eye never looked as good as when a Nickel Revolver has a Blue Hammer and Trigger and whatever else ).

    If I had to guess as to when the change from Nickle with Blue Hammer and Trigger went to Nickle everything, I would think it happened in the early 1920s or so.
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