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    Colt New Frontier .22 Bat Masterson

    I went to a local gun show today. In the back of my mind I've been thinking about getting a .22 handgun for my daughter. Not necessarily to give to her right now. She's eleven and already shoots a Marlin 15YN single shot, bolt action youth rifle very well.

    I was thinking about maybe a Ruger Single Six or Bearcat single action revolver.

    But I've seen some pretty cool old Colt New Frontier .22's over the years. Some of the late 1960's and early 1970's State Commemoratives are pretty neat. Some are downright hideous looking too. The gold and silver with fake pearl grips look terrible. But the Florida Sesquicentennial that is blued and case hardened with rosewood grips and only gold on the screws is pretty slick. But they're also quite hard to find.

    So today I saw three Colt New Frontiers on a table. They were from The Lawman series. The guy only had three out of the four. Two of them were gold and silver with the fake pearls. Yuck.

    But the third was just all nickel with black hard rubber grips. It was in a factory presentation black box with a red lining and a key. Unfired, unturned. The top of the black box has a recreation in silver of Bat Masterson's famous hand written letter to Colt, ordering his SAA. Pretty nice looking package.

    The asking price was $445.

    I asked the seller how a transfer would work since he's from Wisconsin and I'm here in Illinois (where the gun show was). He said he deals all the time with a little shop right down the street, very close for me. He said I could buy the Colt for the $445 and he would pay the FFL transfer. No tax either. $445 and the Bat Masterson commemorative is mine.

    I missed a Florida Commemorative for $500 and another for $450. I haven't seen one since.

    A new Ruger Single Six in stainless would probably cost me around $400 new.

    Hmmmm. New Ruger or a 41 year old unfired Colt in a presentation box.

    I drove home to think about it. I went on GunBroker and searched the auctions for the Bat Masterson gun. None. I searched completed auctions. I found this one.


    Final sale price: $670 + $30 shipping + my FFL fee of $20 would have totalled to me at $720. Geez. Now the $445 was looking really, really good.

    I went back and bought it. I should be able to pick it up Thursday (instant phone check and paper put through on Monday and then the dumb three day waiting period).

    I'm excited. I'll post pics when I get it. Not sure when I'll give it to my daughter,but I like the idea of starting her off with a Colt. The single action allows slow loading and shooting. I think a .22 revolver is a great way for a new shooter to learn.

    This Colt will fit in all my holsters too. It's not going to be a safe queen, it's going to get shot!

    So what do you think? Did I do okay?

    "I hope your fingers aren't ticklin' my ivory handled Colt." (Paden in Silverado)

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    Re: Colt New Frontier .22 Bat Masterson

    I think you did good, but I suffer from the ailment!

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    Re: Colt New Frontier .22 Bat Masterson

    I have one in same configeration but its not the bat masterson.

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    Re: Colt New Frontier .22 Bat Masterson

    First off it is a Frotier Scout , Lawman series. I have a pr and they were the nicest of all the Scout Commemoratives , period. You did real well on the Scout. That price is less than a garden variety k series nickel Scout . It was made in 1967 so it has the barrel pin which will prevent the barrel from shooting loose, and the nice horse and eagle grips. If Colt had any business sense , they would do limited runs of these. Enjoy, you got a great gun and a great deal.


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