Disassembling your revolver
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Thread: Disassembling your revolver

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    I guess at one time or another I disassembled most everything that offered a way into the inner workings. Even some of the things that didn't.
    Early molded plastic tools like the $9.99 Black&Decker drills, that seemed to have no way to "get inside and see" come to mind.

    In spite of my teasing post to the O P, I have never had to rely on a smith to put a gun back together for me. I don't hesitate to open one up for cleaning and parts replacement, but I clearly know my limitations,.. and,... I never say never.
    I have however been in a shop more than a few times when one of those "bags or boxes" came in the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scstrain View Post
    There are great videos on youtube about how to take the Colt revolvers apart. Let youtube be your friend.
    Just be careful, there's lots of bad advice as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttazzman View Post
    barring cell phone pictures.......its good to have another one sitting there to open up if you need to....
    I thought I had OCD, now I realize why I buy 2 of every gun.
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    Fortunately, today we have the Jerry Kuhnhausen Shop Manuals to act as a guide.

    I also caution about Youtube videos on firearms disassembly. There's no way to know if the maker of the video really has any idea of how to do things properly, and I've seen some horrible advice given.
    As you get into guns you'll begin to pick up the ability to spot stupid things in videos.
    Often it's just common sense, like don't wrap a tee shirt around a revolver barrel and use a pair of pliers to try to remove the barrel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeverActionBill View Post
    I used to help out at a gunshop after school. Usually I was given a box or can full of parts and asked to put it back together.
    Will never forget a S&W 357. I couldn't find where a spring and frame screw were supposed to go.
    We didn't have manuals - some times it was a fun game.
    After 2 days of my alloyed time the owner asked how I was coming along.
    Honestly I said, I'm stuck - got a spring and screw and no where to put them.
    He said Oh gimme those they're for the Browning shotgun I'm working on.
    You would have been justified in hitting him over the head with the Browning shotgun!
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    I too advise you to be careful with the you tube videos. The advice given can be down right dangerous

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    My wife and her brothers were cleaning out their Dad's house after he passed and found an Iver Johnson .32 top break in the back of a dresser drawer. There was also a small cloth drawstring bag with 25-30 rounds of ammo. Nobody could remember seeing it before or hearing anything about it. They gave it to me to clean up and remove no-telling how many years of dust and sock fuzz. I ended up having to use the "brown paper bag trick" and take it to a local gun shop to put it back together. Was only in that shop twice...drop off and pick up a few days later.

    I never was a "car guy" in high school but had friends who were. As usual, they were always working on something. It was kind of fun to slip an extra spring in their pile of parts when they were rebuilding their 4-barrel carburetors.
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    Thanks all, I now know what I NEED to HEED about opening a wheel gun.
    Do Not Open. Gunsmiths are far too busy these days to rescue my dumb ass.

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