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    Groove diameter?

    I know I have read this before somewhere but I just cant find it. But I tought I had read that the original groove diameter for SAA's chambered for 45 Colt was .454 diameter and then later changed to .452 diameter. If this is true at what date did this happen. In a thread on a different forum a fellow says his 1st Gen. 45 Colt barrel slugged at .451.

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    My 1st generation SAA has a bore that is .451". That said, the barrel had been replaced with a late 1st/early 2d generation barrel. I think the "early 2d barrel" is one and the same as the "late 1st barrel" since the stock of late 1st barrels was probably just being used up.

    As to a date, I don't know. I have yet to find anyone who can definitively tell me when the change took place. I hope someone here can answer that for both of us!

    I've heard that the change took place during WW1, and had something to do with the adoption of the .45ACP cartridge in the military. Around the 1910s the rifling was changed from the "black powder type" to having equal width lands and grooves. Perhaps that also marked the change in bore size.

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    Not WWI.

    My understanding of the issue is that Colt harmonized the 45Colt and 45acp sizes after WWII. That would appear to be second generation 45Colt SAA's. I believe the story goes that Colt shut down production of SAA's when WWII came along. The original SAA machinery was mostly worn out by then. Colt resumed production of SAA's after the war on the newer second generation machinery. At that time, .454 was changed to .451.
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