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    Question on Python paperwork

    I posted pictures of this 4 inch Python last week and need help with what other paperwork might have come in the box. I have the manual, screwdrive,r and repair dealer sheet as shown. What else to I need and any ideas where I can pick it up? Was a test target always included?

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    This photo shows all of the paperwork that accompanied my 1981 Python. I do not know for sure that the items in the photo represent 100% of the paperwork that was shipped with the gun because I bought it used from a collector. He claimed to me that it was complete. By the way, this particular Python came out of the Colt Custom Shop. Not shown in the photo is a plastic bag that the gun was apparently shipped in (inside the Colt shipping box).

    I recall that your Python is a mid 1970s production? I do not remember seeing any Pythons of that era having a test target with it. Some included the Colt tool, most did not. The items in the photo would likely have accompanied your gun, however there are many members here who would know a lot more about this topic and could comment on and perhaps correct my findings.

    You have a beautiful 4" Python that I desperately attempted to buy. Congratulations again on your wonderful purchase!

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    Python Paperwork

    The paperwork included with your Python would depend on when it was made. Different manuals, warranty cards and other items were used during the long production of the Python.
    I once had a large collection of Colt test targets. According to my computerized list, the latest ones I had were from 1970. I remember reading somewhere that Colt dropped the test target some time in the 1970's. So if your gun was made in the late 1970's or later, it probably did not come with a target.
    Dedicated manuals for the double action revolvers (Pythons and others) did not exist until about 1974.
    The warranty card numbered WC-68 was used from 1968 until sometime around 1980.

    - - Buckspen


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