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    Colt Official Police .38

    My Father sent me a Colt Official Police .38 pistol. I'm researching it's age and any other info on it.
    The s/n is 612450, and there are the letters "L" (above the s/n), and "R" (below the s/n). (See photos)

    Can anyone tell me the mfg year of this pistol and what the letters L and R may stand for?
    Also, what may a pistol like this be worth now-a-days? (This is definately a keeper though)

    This is a sweet revolver. I can't wait to clean it up and shoot it. (I'm gunna feel like Eliot Ness.)

    Thank you in advance.

    Colt Official Police 38 - S-N 1.jpgColt Official Police 38 - 1.jpgColt Official Police 38 - 2.jpgColt Official Police 38 - 3.jpg
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    An expert will come along soon with the answers to your questions, but I'd just like to congratulate you on a great looking gun. There's nothing new like that out there anymore.

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    What a lead in. Welcome to the forum. Your gun dates to 1937. In the future you can find that information through this thread: For DOB ( Date of Birth) Questions , Please Look. In general, single letters, digits and symbols over, under and around the serial number are inspection stamps. There is however lore about the letters L and T above the serials in many guns of that era. The T supposedly signified that the final barrel and thus front sight position was determined by Targeting or shooting the gun and then adjusting. The L signified that the sight was Lined up by eye. I'll bet it shoots fine in any case.

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    My OP 1941 build carries the letter L above the serial on the frame. It shoots to the sights and is one of the most accurate revolvers I have ever owned. They knew in them old days how to regulate the fixed sights. Dont know how they did it, but it works. All praise to the Colt smiths of the day. Yours in the condition she appears should be no different with a little load experimentation.

    Nice gun.

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    Sweet! Would bring $400 retail on a good day! More if you have the box.


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