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    Cost of Colt factory refinish

    What would it cost to get a reblue job from Colt for a New Service revolver? What about a renickle on a similar gun?

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    I just ordered one of there price kits because I was considering some engraving. Course I cant find it right now. But I recall the blue to be $395 for a revolver. Do not know about he nickle.

    If I find the document I will update.

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    Please do not forget the shipping to Colt which is only next day air through expensive services like UPS or FEd EX. About $123 for my last gun shipped and returned.

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    I don't think Colt will re-finish your guns.
    Colt no longer does any work on many older guns because they have no parts available if they find a problem.

    As example, you have a gun in to be reblued and they find an internal safety problem. They're stuck, because they have an unsafe gun and no way to repair it.
    Result is an unhappy customer, a cost to Colt for the time and effort, and a possible lawsuit if anything ever happens with the gun.

    As an alternative, I can recommend the following professionals who can do factory level work in both blue and nickel.


    Ford's Custom Gun Refinishing - Ford's Desert Eagle Sights

    Glenrock Blue

    Elite Custom Plating --* Re-Finishing, Custom Work, Competition Guns

    By all means check with Colt first to see if they may still do bluing on the older guns.


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