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    Reloading .41 Long Colt

    It's great to have such a wealth of knowledge available. You guys have pointed me in the right direction many times.
    I've gotten some .41 Colt reloads for my DA .41 from Gad Custom Ctg. and they're very good quality. However I noticed Redding and I believe some others have 3 die sets for the .41 Colt. My question is availability of brass and bullets as well as loading data. Brass is obviously available but am I stuck with having to pour my own bullets? I've been told the .41 used a hollow base bullet but are there no other commercial substitutes available?

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    Re: Reloading .41 Long Colt

    original .41 used a heeled bullet simular to the .22 rimfires. i have no idea if they are currently available, but i doubt it. the hollow base bullet is a way around this as the hollow base can expand to grip the rifleing.i think you could have a custom mould made but unless you shoot the gun often dont know if it would be worth it.

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    Re: Reloading .41 Long Colt

    You can have molds custom made, but a little scrounging of the gun shows might save you a few bucks. I was able to find one each of the old Lyman heeled 386177, and the hollow base 386178 bullet molds. The .401 dia heeled bullet has one large lube groove that is exposed outside the case mouth, and the .386 dia hollow base has smaller lube grooves that are seated below the case mouth like most other rounds. The hollow base bullet is best cast with pure lead, or with just a touch of solder tossed in to help the mold fill out better. I've seen a few more of these molds, so they are around if you have the time to look for them. The 41 case mouths are a little more fragile than most, so be gentle with them.
    I prefer not to get into specific reloads for obvious reasons, but my powder of choice is Unique. No particular reason other than I'm a creature of habit and have used Unique for many calibers over the past 40 years. That and the fact that my old manuals only have load data for Unique and Bullseye for the 41 colt.


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