Black Powder 2nd Generation ?
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    Black Powder 2nd Generation ?


    I recently purchased a few Reproduction Black Powder Pistols. How do I know the value of these pieces.

    1.)1851 .36 Colt Navy, marked SamL Colt New York City on top strap, Blue Black finish on Barrel in Wood Box.

    2.) 1847 .44 Whitneyville Walker, marked MArco on left side of frame in Wood Box.

    3.) 1860 Army with detachable Shoulder Stock, marked Navy Arms NJ, in Wood Box.

    Please let me know the value of thes Repro's, they might also be for sale.

    email me at I will be in Gettysburg this weekend (9/9/06) doing a Living History with my CSA Artillery unit in Pitzers Woods if anyone is interested in seeing the guns that might be for sale.My Cell Phone number is 610-509-3741....Thanks is advance

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    Re: Black Powder 2nd Generation ?

    Giving values is difficult without knowing the actual condition of the guns, and having more information, especially on the first one.

    The first gun with the Colt address may be a genuine 1980's Colt black powder model and these are worth some money.
    The Second Generation of these are probably worth a bit more than the later "Sam Colt Signature" version which had the Colt signature on the back strap.

    If the wooden box is a fitted case with separate compartments for the accessories, value goes up.
    Again, it's a matter of exactly what it is, and the condition.
    As a guess, if it's in new, unfired, unmarked condition, in the fitted case, at least $750.00

    The second gun is an Armi San Marco replica of the Colt Walker. These are lower quality replicas, and have only as much value as someone is willing to pay.

    The third is a Navy Arms replica, and these are usually made by Uberti. These are high quality replicas, and models fitted with a stock and cased are worth more than standard models.

    Again, depending on condition, I'd guess it's worth somewhere around $300.00.

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    Re: Black Powder 2nd Generation ?


    if you are into CIVIL WAR reacting, like i was years back, you should know what they worth, if you want to sell them here put them on the Classifieds Section, dfariswheel is right on with the values.
    3/33 ARMOR
    Ayers Kaserne Just another Cold war Warrior too!


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