Value of USMC 1909
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    Value of USMC 1909

    A friend has a USMC Model 1909. Its fairly clean for an old military revolver that was used. A few sprinkles of speckles but most of the blue is there, say 80+%. The stocks appear to have been pocketknife checkered and most of that has been worn off. Lanyard swivel intact. A bit dry and dirty but the bore looked like it would clean up. I've looked around but these seem to be all over the place (I was including Armys and Navys) in price. What do you guys think? Its the real deal, handed down by his Grandfather. That alone makes it priceless to me!
    Something about a big Colt .45 revolver, especially if its DA and comes with its own history!!

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    Re: Value of USMC 1909

    Marine Corps 1909's as well as the earlier .38's are certainly rare! Estimates are that only about 1300 USMC Model 1909's were built(and this may include about 50 guns assembled later on the special(slightly rounded butt,with the special Marine Corps checkered stocks,with smooth top & diamond around screw hole0 USMC 1909 frames..

    Interesting you are from Haiti,as this was one of the many places in the Carib. where the USMC was involved in "protecting American interests" and "promoting Democracy",as well as keeping out European influences in the 1912-32 period.

    Wonder if that old 1909 never left the Caribbean area,when the Marines left?? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    You are right,prices really vary-and it is VERY difficult to find a mint USMC 1909,as most lived very hard lives in the Phillipines,Caribbean area and other humid climates-even before W.W. One.

    Now,some Navy 1909's,never left the small arms lockers of their assigned ships!


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    Depends on condition. I have such a revolver in very good to excellent condition,. Experts who have examined the gun say $4500 to $5000.


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