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    commander vs officers vs government

    can someone give a newbie a quick tutorial on the differences?


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    Re: commander vs officers vs government

    In a nutshell...
    Commander 4 1/2"
    Officer 3 1/2"
    Goverment 5"
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    Re: commander vs officers vs government

    As an addition:

    The Government Model is the original version with a 5" barrel, 7 shot magazine, and a spur hammer.

    The Commander has a 4 1/4" barrel, the rounded "burr" type hammer, and a shorter tang on the grip safety. The original version had an aluminum frame, later Combat Commanders had steel.

    The Officer's ACP has a 3 1/2" barrel with a larger diameter muzzle, a shorter grip frame, a 6 shot magazine, a larger hole barrel bushing, a different recoil spring plug system, a double recoil spring, and a shorter mainspring housing.

    The Defender is basically a slightly shorter Officer's Model with a 3" barrel, aluminum frame, and high-grade accessories such as a up-swept grip safety.


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