Noob with a Nickel Finish Python needs advice.
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    Noob with a Nickel Finish Python needs advice.

    Hi Folks,
    I just picked up my first revolver, a Colt Python 357 6" barrel with a nickel finish and am unsure what products to use with this finish. Everything I've read says not to use any ammonia-containing products since the nickel finish is over a layer of copper which may possibly become corrupted through scratches, dings, etc in the finish and the nickel might peel. I usually use Hoppes #9 for light duty and Barnes for stronger needs on my other stainless pistols but both products contain ammonia. I have FP-10 elite in my cleaning bin and I spoke with those folks and they said it would be fine for nickel (but it does not remove copper from the barrel only lead). So, do I not shoot copper jacketed?? I haven't shot this revolver yet since I am still trying to get my bearing on the best way to clean it. I'd appreciate any advice.
    Thanks, Mike from Long Island, NY

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    You can safely use Hoppe's Number 9, just don't let it soak on the nickel.

    Clean the gun as normal, keeping the solvent off the nickel by wiping, and don't allow the solvent to stand on the finish any longer than needed.
    As soon as the bore and chambers are clean, thoroughly wipe all solvent off.

    There IS a danger from allowing solvents to soak on nickel, but some people do more damage from inadequate or improper cleaning.
    I've seen nickel plated guns that had been cleaned with Hoppe's for 30 to 40 years with no damage.

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    No Amonia!

    While you might try using Hoppes and being very careful.....

    I use Break Free or Ed's Red to clean all of my Nickel Colts.


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