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Thread: Ruger Redhawk Help/Suggestions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy sajer View Post
    Bowen nice work, also Gemini Custom does as well-had a customer send off a Alaskan in 454 to them,super nice job.

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    The nature of custom work by anybody good enough to feel comfortable with is that it'll be un-cheap & un-quick.
    If you go ahead with customization, keep that in mind.

    The gun's well worth it, just plan on spending the money.
    And- once you send it off, forget about it.
    Don't be calling every other week, don't expect it back soon, and understand you're not the only one in line there.
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    You really don't need "magnum" loads for bowling pins. I used 10 grains of Unique and Hornady XTP 200 grain jacketed hollow point .44 caliber bullets in .44 Magnum cases with great success for many years. My chonograph data on that load in a S&W 629 with six inch barrel gave about 1000 fps. Very positive on pins and the recoil is much lighter than full power loads. I never had to trim the cases and I doubt that you would ever wear out a big double action revolver with that load.

    - - Buckspen
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