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    Dressed to Kill at Coffeyville (with new Colt Single Actions and Winchesters too)

    I happed to read this March 2007 Wild West Magazine article about the Dalton Gang; the author addresses the contention that brand new, consecutively numbered Colt Single Actions were carried by the Dalton Gang members at Coffeyville but never fired:
    Dressed to Kill: The Guns Used by the Daltons at Coffeyville
    Some of you have read this, but this article is news to me. Apparently, they had the right clothes and the right guns, but
    they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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    I also had read about them buying those guns many years ago. Its a good story.

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    These guns, if I recall were auctioned by RIA some time in the last year. If I can find the imformation I'll post it later.

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    From what I have read, all of the gangs shooting was done with their rifles. Most of the exchange of gunfire was done outside of effective handgun range. I have read Preece's "The Dalton Gang" that is mentioned in the article above, and while entertaining, he does get some things wrong, while stating that the gang purchased 10 new Colts from Tulsa, he says that Bob Dalton carried a Bisley during the raid. Must have been a prototype.
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    Very interesting; thanks for posting this!

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