Reloading press/dies. What do I need?
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    Welcome to the forum, lots of good people here.
    I really like the Redding T7 press. It's a turret press & with you only wanting to load two calibers, you could put both 3 die sets of dies in the T press & once adjusted, just leave them in. The T7 toolhead rotated & locks in place for each die & you could go from die to die & not have to remove & replace dies. I have one & like it a lot.
    The T7 is a full size press & if you did decide to load rifle ammo in the future, will accomodate those dies too.
    Good luck on your new hobbie in metallic cartridge reloading. I think you will enjoy crafting your own handgun ammo.

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    Welcome to this forum.
    About a year ago I got back into reloading after about 40 years of not.
    I had very good single stage equipment that I had used primarily for rifle, but this time I only wanted to load handgun. I did a lot of looking (I am slow and cautious) and ended up with the Lee Classic Turret, with the Pro Auto Disk and the Safety prime. Also disks and Lee 4 die sets for 9mm, 38/357, 41 Mag, 45 ACP, and 45 Colt. I have just added .38 Super.
    I could not be more pleased with the operation of the equipment, the speed, the price and the final product. I am not mechanically inclined but had no problem setting up or operating the equipment.
    As someone else mentioned all the manufacturers make very fine equipment that will last a lifetime, so final decision came down to output and price. I shoot about 200 rounds a week and would have a hard time keeping up with a single stage. On the other hand the amazing progressives would produce several months supply in a few hours. Don't know where I would store it all! Might be exagerating a bit, but the cost of a caliber change on a progressive would approach the cost of the complete LCT.
    The LCT kit from someone like Kempf, plus a good beam scale is a very economical way to get into business, IMO.
    Education teaches you the rules; experience teaches you the exceptions. (Plagiarized from Claude Clay)

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    Rockchuker press, unless you want volume then Dillon's square deal is as good an entry level progressive there is. RCBS carbide dies, although I have used the Hornady New Dimention titanium nitride dies and liked them well enough. A good balance beam scale (RCBS 5-0-5 works fine) and an RCBS Uniflow or similar powder measure. The RCBS little dandy is a good powder measure but you need to buy individual measures. Which style super are you loading for? One that headspaces on the case mouth or the rim, because the brass is different. I like nickel plated brass because it stays cleaner looking longer. Primer pocket cleaner, and you will eventually need a case trimmer. You will need case length gauge (metal not plastic), but don't go digital it will drive you nuts. Berry's plated bullets are inexpensive and work very well. Lead is cheap but messy and requires alot of clean up effort.

    The super .38 is a wonderful cartridge, and on this forum there are lots of friendly people with lots of reloading experience (30 years myself, 24 current cartridges) so don't hesitate to ask questions.

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