I want $18,000.00.

If you are seriously interested in the following, let me know here and I'll try to get some more photos together.

1866 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine, .44 Henry Rim Fire, Full Nickel Plated, Fourth Generation. The letter from Cody has it as a carbine, nickeled, Received in the warehouse on November 13, 1883, Shipped from the warehouse on August 16, 1898.

I’ve seen three others identical to it, all within 13 serial numbers; one is in the The Winchester Book, page 75, another is in the Cody museum, and yet another was for auction on Antiqueguns.com (sold for approximately $18,000.00??? or so the seller said). This one has Assembly Number “CF 758” and a “C” on tang; “758” on stock under upper tang, “758” on bottom inside butt plate; “00” on bottom inside butt plate.

No cleaning rod in butt.

It is as the pictures show it to be; nothing more, nothing less. The action is tight, smooth and flawless, in my lay-opinion. It feels better than any 1886 or 1894 that I have ever thrown the lever on. The springs feel strong.

I am no expert on the terms of art that are used to describe weapons so you must rely upon the pictures. I have more if there is any interest.