9 Great Guns For Women.
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    9 Great Guns For Women.


    Top 9 Guns For Women

    A huge problem with purported guns for women is that the typical pistols that get recommended to them are actually terrible for many female shooters. Why? Usually because the guns in question use a smaller round but are also usually subcompact or micro guns.

    Pocket .380s, snubnose revolvers and so on will fit smaller hands better, this much is true...but also aren't the easiest to shoot and also aren't the easiest to shoot accurately. Now, that isn't to say that proficiency can't be gained and it also isn't the case that experienced female shooters won't run these pistols better than a whole lot of dudes. It's more that there are known difficulties with such guns for shooters of any gender.

    Ultimately, any shooter - regardless of whoever they are - should carry and shoot the gun they want to and are best with, whatever it happens to be. That said, what are some of the best guns for women or shooters with smaller hands that actually happen to be easy to shoot well? Here are 9 of them.

    Continue reading at: 9 Great Guns For Women - Alien Gear Holsters Blog

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    I just got my wife the Walther. Good article in American Rifleman recently.


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