Did Conversion Revolvers and 1871/72 Open Top models slip thru import safety crack?
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    Did Conversion Revolvers and 1871/72 Open Top models slip thru import safety crack?

    I recently purchased an Umberti 1851 Navy "Wild Bill Conversion" revolver, which I really like. I hadn't really thought about it until just today, but it occurred to me that , wow great, it has no safeties. I had bought an Umberti Cattleman "Pinch Frame" about 10 years or more ago, and have had to spend lots of time and money getting rid of the hammer and cylinder base pin safeties. It seems that Uberti has pretty much created an after market business inadvertently by having to add on these safety features to their imported SAA reproductions. My point is, do percussion conversion revolver reproductions not require the same import safeties as on the Colt 1873 SAA reproductions, and if so, what is the rationale? And for that matter, what about the Colt 1871/1872 Open Top model reproductions, this revolver was never a percussion model, but a cartridge revolver from it's inception? Just wondering if this is because it is harder to make safeties for these, or just not enough demand, or something in the legal system, or if they just kinda fell thru the cracks of the reproduction industries thought process!
    I will include a couple pics: !!!77023060_2338253756505063_7272225972613545984_n.jpg883E59CE-7052-4416-8FB2-23D5CB7034AD.jpgwm_10075073.jpg

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    IMHO most of the so called safety systems are dictated more by the company lawyers than any state government.


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