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ColtForum(CF) is a Internet discussion forum for Colt firearm enthusiasts. CF prides itself on being a laid back lightly moderated forum. This is mostly due to the laid back membership community.

We have only a few set of rules:
  1. The Lounge area is reserved for all other GUN related talk that does not fit into the existing sections. Please keep threads on topic.
  2. Threads dealing with religion, race and politics tend to be heated topics so to keep everyone playing nice, these topics are no longer allowed. If you wish to discuss non-gun related topics with fellow gun enthusiasts there are several excellent gun forums available on the Net that allow these topics.
  3. Always be polite and courteous in your posts. Posts that will start flame wars will be deleted and author will be reprimanded and/or banned. Members who jump into threads and fuel flame wars are subject to reprimand and or banning.
  4. You are required to have a valid email address registered. Services on this board such as Private Messages(PM), thread subscriptions, etc send email to your account to notify you of new messages. If you have a invalid email address, these services bounce error messages to the admin. If an account starts bouncing error messages, the account holder will be sent a PM to correct the problem. If the account holder does not fix the invalid email address, the account password will be changed and the user will be locked out. Please note the password change policy below.
Registration problems:

When registering with CF, please check your spam folder for the verification email required to join the forum. The most common problem new users experience is their email software is flagging the verification email as spam. This problem accounts for 99.99999% of all problem reports. If you recently submitted a registration and you cannot post or cannot login, this is the solution to your problem.

After a certain period, if you do not respond to the verification email the system automatically deletes the registration request and you have to re-input your information to start the registration process again.

If you think you already registered, please use the lost password feature listed below.

Forgotten password or forgotten usernames

If you have forgotten your password or username or both, please go to the Forgot my password page:


Please do not ask an admin to change registration information or reset passwords manually. We cannot verify people's identities via email so we cannot change your registration information or passwords. This is to protect the member accounts. If you registered long time ago and no longer have access to the email account you originally registered, your options are to keep guessing your old password or create a new account with your new email address.

Ban on Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, MSN and ATT users has temporarily been lifted. However, if users from these services continue to have registration problems, the ban will be re-enabled.

Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, MSN, ATT(sbcglobal.net) email users:

Due to continued registration issues with these email providers ColtForum is no longer accepting registrations with these providers. If you attempt to register with one of these email addresses you will get a message saying your email address is banned. If you would like to register with ColtForum, please use an email address from another provider. We don't seem to have problems with Google Mail accounts so you might try them: http://www.gmail.com

If you don't get the confirmation email with your Google Mail account, check your spam folder.

Banned IP Address

Why is my IP address banned? Coltforum gets a fair amount of spam, usually from porn sites or Viagra sellers. When we get several spam(especially those that post graphic porn pictures) and a network is found to be the origin of more than one spam we will ban the entire network for a month or two. Most of the offending IP addresses come from networks outside of the United States. IP banning is a temporary measure to slow the flow of spam(it's impossible to stop spammers completely). If you get a banned IP address message, email the admin to request that your IP address(network) be unbanned. If the IP address or network was banned recently you will be asked to check back in a month to unban the network.

Occasionally, we get a problem user who is belligerent to other members and admins. We will ban the IP address of these users for a while. Eventually, we will unban that IP address.

How do I post pictures?


You can login but can't post or view attachments

If this happens you have not responded to the email confirmation message that was sent to complete your registration. Read the Registration problems section above.


Please have the courtesy to...
  1. Read the FAQ. "Read the FAQ" is found all over the contact us pages, yet, the most common questions submitted still are "Why can't I login?", "Why can't I post?", etc.
  2. Describe your problems in detail so we can help you solve your problems. The following emails are not recommended:

"I can't login!!!!! WTF!!!!!"

"Banned IP"

"Can't login"

"Can't post"

"Registration problem"
These examples are bad because they provide no information that can help us troubleshoot your problem. A good example of a request for help:


I tried registering on May 1, 2009, but I cannot post to the board. I registered under username "accountname" and the email I used to register is [email protected]. I read through your FAQ and I looked in my Junk mail folder to check for the registration activation email, but it doesn't seem to be in there. Could you check my account or maybe resend the activation email?
If you have emailed the Admin with your problem and have not gotten a response, there are two reason that may explain why:
  1. Your answer is found here in the FAQ. Please have the courtesy to read the FAQ before emailing an Admin. If you don't have the courtesy to read the FAQ for answers, we will not have the courtesy of emailing you information that is already in the FAQ.
  2. Your email provider is probably flagging the admin email as spam and filtering it to your junk mail folder. Again, please check your spam/junk mail folder.
For people who want to sue this board for defamation/slander/libel:

Please read the Telecommunications Act of 1996, US Code 230(c)(1).

Cases based on 230(c)(1):


Summary: Defamation/slander/libel suits against internet boards/ISPs generally get thrown out of court.

That said, if you post inflamatory remarks against another member or vendor you are are breaking rule #3(read forum rules above) and subject to diciplinary action.

You are welcomed to post your bad experience with a vendor provided the post is civil and mature. Once name calling/immature comments begin everyone is subject to the consequences of breaking rule #3.

No posting of personal information

The board does not tolerate rude/abusive posts or posts that reveal personal information of others. These will be deleted/closed. For those that post personal information of others or incite threatening actions against others, these posts will be deleted and the offender will be banned. Threatening actions include asking or offering to drive by or check out the address of another member or even a non-member.

No posting of copyrighted material

Do not post any copyrighted material on this board. Please report any copyrighted material to an admin by using the Report Post icon on the offending post.

No banter in the Classifieds section

The Classifieds section is solely for buying and selling related posts. Please do not comment on posts in the Classifieds unless you are interested in purchasing an item. Posting comments bumps the thread to the top of the forum and pushes other threads down and off the first page. We have received complaints from sellers that their items get pushed off the page too quickly. The "no banter" rules exists to try and address this issue. If you do not intend to purchase an item in a post but would like to put your two cents in on the product, Private message the buyer/sellers instead of posting your opinion on the thread. Please read the sticky notes in the Classifieds section prior to participating in the Classifieds.

Date of birth questions:

Please check these sources for your DOB questions:

General Colt info: www.proofhouse.com

Python info: https://www.coltforum.com/forums/colt-revolvers/4733-python-dates-manufacture-thru-1985-a.html (Thanks to VDM!)



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