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Hey guys! long time no talk from the hills of East Tennessee, Those that might have missed my posts back a year ago, I have the 1860 Army serial # 83 that brought some excitement, and had you guys dutifully flipping pages and helping me decipher what I have. No letter yet, but it is great to know that there should be info. since it was noted that Colt has records up to 140,000.

I about fainted when I checked on #83 a couple weeks ago, I knew better, but putting up hay, picking beans (Appalachian Pink Tips and Turkey Craw Beans) and Chootin at Yankees during re-enactments all summer....She became a tad rustyl!!! Guys it rained the first day of "Dog Days" and guns rust easier when that happens. But a good wiping down and all good.

I guess the main thing some of you all are wondering is "what's his point of posting???" makes sense!!!! I looked on here to check on what has been posted and it is great to see you guys in the know help out us guys who come to you all for info. God Bless ya!!!

Hope I don't get censored here but as a dyed in the wool Confederate, I replaced the battle flag flying in my front yard with The First National and the Bonnie Blue underneath....Now I am a Betsy Ross fan and either an Air Force general or a Dallas Cowboy fan....I'm staying calm and quite, with a fixed bayonet. God Bless Dixie!!
East Tennessee.. Keep your powder dry and Ole #83 oiled up! I would definitely letter one that low.