Colt 1877 Trigger Stud Replacement
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Thread: Colt 1877 Trigger Stud Replacement

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    Colt 1877 Trigger Stud Replacement

    Replacing the stud on my 1877 "Lightning" was a necessity but I couldn't find any assistance on the internet on how to remove or replace a bad one. The only helpful information was a picture of what the stud looks like off the trigger. That gave me my only lead on what I had to contend with. Replacement studs are available through some of the parts houses - Wisner's Gun Parts was the only one I found that currently has them but that probably changes.

    My first problem was how it was install and how to get it out. The reverse side of my trigger was worn smooth and showed no sign of the pin coming all the way through, but it does, and I eventually isolated the location of the pin. The pin reveal on the reverse side is only 0.0182" diameter, less than 5/64", so you don't have much to work with. I first soaked it in Kroil for a couple of days and tried to punch it to no avail. I heated it several times, not so hot as to affect tempering, and that didn't work either. Drilling it out was not an option for me because it is a hardened part and I don't have carbide bits. I realized the small diameter of my punches and length of shaft was too long to transmit solid blows to the pin. I didn't want to cut my punch short to a starter punch and looked for something hard, the right size and short enough to not flex. My choice was a small diameter hex bit, that I never use, from a screw driver set I have. Held tightly in a small pair of vise grips, a couple of good whacks with a light machinist hammer broke it loose and a couple more dropped it out. After almost a week of trying different things, off and on, it was out. A triumph for persistence.

    The picture below shows the bench block I used to support the trigger, the hex bit (about 1" long), the trigger stud and the trigger from the stud side. The stud hole is a stepped hole of two diameters. The larger seats the head in the trigger and the smaller goes all the way through for the pin portion. I don't have a replacement stud yet to describe installation but it is critical in installing a new one that the flat on the upper rim of the stud be oriented properly, at the right angle, to engage the lever of the cylinder stop. I scribed the line of this angle on the side of my trigger, before removing it, in order to position the new one correctly. The head of the new pin was stated to be oversized in length so it can be filed down to the proper height to slide under the cylinder stop lever as the trigger rotates backward.

    I hope this may help any of you guys out there faced with this same repair. Also, see my post "Anatomy of a Colt 1877" for general information on how this gun works.


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    This was great information you provided on the removal of the Stud. I have reworked several 1877 revolvers, but never had to remove the Stud on an of them. I also like the Thread you posted with the pictures of the dsassembly!!!

    I also use the Hex Sockets for short punches, they are very strong so you can hit without worrying about it breaking. Most all of us need some help with the 1877 revolver.
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    Thanks for posting this. I can't tell you how may 1877 triggers that I have seen with worn or screwed up trigger studs. I have an extra trigger with a messed up stud that I try to remove now.

    Can you post a picture of the back side of the trigger?

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    1877 Trigger.

    I’m going to pick this up for informational purposes.

    I got in an c1881 Lightning last week and the trigger studs arrived today.

    The trigger I had on hand is pretty much stripped.
    These aren’t the funnest to work on because if the geometry of one part of the fire control changes, it all changed.
    Very, very rare for something to “drop in” on the1877’s.

    The original is on the left. You can see the broken out pivot holes. Those places are Way too thin to weld, so it needs replaced.
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    All SAA work. Check out my webpage.

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    I don't think it is impossible to rebuild the broken pivots on your old trigger : It needs to be stripped (springs, strut...) tig welded, then filed, milled and drilled.


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