Colt Anaconda Wood Grips
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    Colt Anaconda Wood Grips

    I am looking at a Colt Anaconda with wood grips and the rampant colt medallions. The owner of this pistol says that you could order the wood grips from the Colt factory when you purchased the revolver. They may not have been manufactured by Colt but they were sold by Colt. He claims that these grips came from Colt with the revolver.
    After some research , it looks like that claim could be true. Is there anyway to tell if these grips were sold by Colt?
    Are there any markings on the inside of the grips?
    Any information y'all can supply would be appreciated.

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    Wood stocks came on the Trooper Mark V which uses the same grip frame as the later King Cobra and Anaconda. Some special editions of the Anaconda came with the same wood stocks but most production came with the rubber type. Colt did sell the wood stocks aftermarket on a shrink wrapped Colt card. I wouldn't be surprised if someone had a special order Anaconda the wood stocks could be specified.

    What Colt used to do when they hand fitted wood stocks to their revolvers the person doing the fitting would write the last several digits of the gun's serial number on the inside of each panel. Whether that was still being done by the time the Anaconda came around I can't say for sure but I doubt it as the stocks completely surrounded the frame rather than fit along the grip frame.
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    This is what the Colt factory grips looked like.
    Medallions might be Gold or Silver.....

    Trooper MkV.jpg

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    Post a picture of them. There were 2 types of V frame target stocks. Gen 1 and gen 2.


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