I posted this last night but I don't think it actually did post since I can't find it. I recently purchased a 1989 Mustang Plus II and shot it the first time this weekend. For the most part it shot fine but I did get a few jams where it looked like the slide had only blown back partially after pulling the trigger or maybe it didn't reset properly from the round fired previously. For the most part this was happening as I got toward the end of the magazine with only one or two round left. My first thought is that it had something to do with the ammo I used which was Magtech .380 so I do intend to try a different ammo. I've never shot Magtech in any caliber so I'm not aware of how it generally behaves. Has anyone had problems with Magtech in the Mustang? I've attached a picture of the gun when this malfunction occurred so you can see what I mean when I said the slide didn't blow back the entire way.