Colt Mustang - Realy Early Serial Number...
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    Colt Mustang - Realy Early Serial Number...

    I have a Colt Mustang, made I believe in 1986. Serial number is MU0004x - I believe it was one of the first 50 ever made. Do you think it would be worth my getting a Colt letter on this? Would the letter verify whether or not it was one of the first 50?

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    What you have is a Mustang First Edition. It was made in 1986 and the serial numbers ran from MU00001-MU01000. Whether it was marked in any special way I don't know. Does yours have any special roll marks? It could have come new with a special box or package. It's always good to have an archives letter which can verify how it was originally produced.
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    I have one with serial #MU0253 it came in a presentation box. It was bought thru Colt Collectors and I believe limited to 500. This Mustang has the old Colt bluing and roll stamped barrel.



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