Felt recoil differences
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    Felt recoil differences

    I had my Service Ace at the range today and took along a 22 conversion unit on a Colt Government frame that I picked up on a trade. The felt recoil of the conversion unit was noticeably greater than my Service Ace. Both guns functioned without a hitch with their own magazines. Anybody notice differences in felt recoil in the guns you've shot over the years?

    My GSI mags for my Service Ace work great but in the conversion unit every other round required a second strike (recock the hammer) to fire the cartridge. The Colt magazine that came with the conversion unit worked fine in either gun. The GSI mags and the Colt mag locked back the slide on the last shot but the GSI mags that locked back every time on my Service Ace would not lock back the slide on the conversion unit.

    Anyone have any experience like this?

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    What make is GSI?

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    The Colt Conversion Kit with the floating chamber was designed to give 4 times the recoil of a standard .22.
    This had two purposes....
    1. Was to allow using the gun as a trainer for heavier calibers.
    2. To reliably operate a much heavier steel slide.

    Obviously, your Conversion Kit just doesn't "like" them, so don't use them in the kit.


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