Question for Super .38 Experts
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    Question for Super .38 Experts

    I have a 1948 manufactured, fat barrel variation Super .38. The magazine that came with it is apparently a later version. My gun is in the mid-61,000 serial number range.
    The magazine has a matte finished, welded base and is marked COLT with the caliber marking to the right of COLT like this:
    .38 AUTO.

    I do have Doug Sheldon's Super .38 book. In the section on production variations, magazines, my magazine is identified as Variation 8 and correct for guns above S/N 115,000.

    He says magazine Variation 6 has the matte finish base (to match the dual tone finish of the gun) and the pre-war roll marking which does not have a decimal point in front of the 38 but does have a period after the word AUTO. Variation 6 was used according to Shelton "to high 60,000 serial range".

    Magazine Variation 7 does not have a decimal point before the 38 or a period after the AUTO and is according to Sheldon, was used "from high 60,000 to approximately the 115,000 serial range".

    Where I am confused is when he states "high 60,000 serial range" does he mean for example a gun with an S/N just under 61,000 or a gun with an S/N of just under 70,000 ?

    Is Variation 6 correct for my gun or Variation 7 ?

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