Need input on Colt series 80 Officers project...
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    Need input on Colt series 80 Officers project...

    Looking for ideas, info & or suggestions on beefing up my Colt Officers series 80 .45.
    I'm a retired Navy 'Nam Vet, on a limited budget, so looking to get the best parts for the price.
    I can't afford to buy parts that won't work & I won't end up using, for what I'd like to do.
    Want to keep my Colt looking nice, to many junk parts out there to pass up.

    Has anyone done a series 80 to series 70 frame shim slot conversion? Pros & cons to do one?
    Talking about TJ's original fit for Colt Officers kit. Picked up a new complete kit at a Gun Show years ago, for 5$.

    Plan on installing Crimson Trace grips, would like to also install an extended mag well. Any issues I should think about when doing this?

    Would it be better to just get an extended magwell or to swap out the magwell spring housing & get one that's one piece?
    Am looking at several types, one that fits at the butt end, under the grips via the grip screws.
    But then again, swapping out to a one piece IE main spring housing with extended mag well sounds easier.

    I have more queries, but these two are whats on my mind.... Any suggestions, tips/tricks or help would be much appreciated!

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    There's no real reason to install the shims to eliminate the firing pin lock parts unless you want to just because. You can get a good trigger either way...eliminating those parts makes it a bit easier but that's all. I have Series 80 pistols with excellent triggers and one I purchased that already has the shims installed...also a great trigger. It's a personal thing...if you want to do so go ahead.

    Grips are also a personal and feel plus aesthetics...again your choice.

    I don't normally use any kind of mag well extender. I have one that came with one but big deal to me. Installing one on a competition gun makes some sense but on an Officer's ACP? It kinda gets away from the purpose of a concealable handgun. I'd rather put the effort into practicing quick magazine changes.

    We all have different philosophies on what makes a good handgun. For the most part I subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy where what I do with a pistol is only what makes sense for me and nothing more. I do like nice aesthetics though and that can run into as much money as more substantive physical changes to the gun.
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    I recently did the TJ shim on a Series 80 Combat Elite. I'm using the frame as a dedicated lower for .22 Conversion Unit's. The shim works great. I got the standard size (.057") and it fit just fine for my application.

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    Another option would be removing the spring and plunger from the slide and the upper sear lever from the frame while leaving the lower lever in place.See how the trigger feels then.It did make a difference in trigger feel in my old combat elite,though I ended up putting those parts back in the gun.

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    I agree with SnidleyWhiplash. While I don't have one, I have fired different Series 80 guns both with and without the firing pin block shim. There wasn't really any noticeable difference except possibly to the Bullseye shooter.

    Grips? Strictly personal choice as to what feel good and looks good to you.

    Mag Funnel? I have a Smith & Alexander mag funnel on my comp gun and really like it. It would not be practical on a concealed carry gun. It might be OK on an open carry gun if you like the looks. Many (most?) of the newer guns already have a slight bevel at the mouth of the magwell. If not, it's not a big deal to file a bevel or use a 1" grinding wheel on a Dremel, perpendicular to the opening to put an equal bevel on both sides.
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