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Thread: Kind of interesting web site...

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    Kind of interesting web site...

    While surfing the net I came across this web site. Has some interesting articles including this one on Concealed Carry...

    Concealed Carriers Are Thugs - My Gun Culture

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    like my fellow colt forum ccw permit "thugs" all I have to say is that I've had a ccw for many years and have never flashed my pistol, pulled it, threatened anyone, and most definitely have not shot anyone with it!
    maybe that makes me a thug school flunkie but although I have it, I don't ever intend to use it unless it's a last resort.
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    Very interesting-If that data is true, then certainly a BIG + for concealed carry folks.

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    Yep I am definitely a thug. The only person that has anything to fear from my CCW is the person stupid enough to pull a knife or other deadly weapon on me in a attempt to try to hurt or kill me. When I teach Pistol Safety Course the question of "when does it come out" does get asked. I say one time and one time only, "When the end result of it not coming out is that you are in a box." I then go into exactly what will happen to you in a legal self defense shooting including arrest, gun confiscation, Pistol License Revokation Hearings, a visit before the Grand Jury, about 60 Thousand + in legal fees.Now if the Grand Jury says it is a clean shoot, you get guns back, finally get back to work, the fun is not over. You can be sure that there will be a "Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuit" because the perp was "Such a Good Boy". At least after all of this YOU ARE BROKE BUT YOU ARE ALIVE. We sure are a bunch of thugs

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    The article is interesting but factually incorrect on his first point regarding Virginia. The Virginia Attorney General announced the Virginia would no longer honor CCW from other states. The , now reversed decision by VA AG Herring ( announced by Governor Friday 1/29/16) Reinstates ,by legislative action , that Virginia will honor CCW from other states, there by allowing resiprosity once again.
    ....what ? me failed English !!! That's unpossible.


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