Taylor's & Company having an open house and sale...
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Thread: Taylor's & Company having an open house and sale...

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    Taylor's & Company having an open house and sale...

    While at the Nation's Gun Show in Chantilly, VA over the weekend, Taylor's and Company had a display. They really do have some beautiful products and are generally priced to match...but you get what you pay for. I picked up some of their handouts and it turns out they're having an open house May 19 and 20 at their Winchester, VA showroom, with sale prices on their entire inventory as well as closeouts and a "Ding and Dent Sale" on a variety of firearms.

    An example of pricing is the price on their SAA "Runnin' Iron" in .45 Colt and a 3 1/2" barrel will be $499...not bad for a quality SAA clone. According to their literature, they will also have sale pricing on cowboy clothing, leather goods and door prizes. There will also be western entertainment such as trick shooting, pistol spinning and demos by the Cowboy Fast Drawing Association.

    I don't have a bone in this but thought I'd pass the information along. I hope to go there myself as Winchester is at most an hour from me. They make a replica of the large loop Winchester that the Duke used in "Rio Bravo"...even called the "Rio Bravo" Carbine. I'm interested in one should there be any available at the time of the sale.

    Anyone in the area that can make it there will probably have a good time.

    Taylors & Company Firearms
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    Sounds like a well thought out venue. Long drive from Lone Wolf Mountain Texas (as is the case for many well organized shows like this). Hope one of the members can make it and review and/or report on their experience?

    Unfortunately we don't get many venues besides the regular fare of 3/4 beef jerky and less than 20% of the tables worth looking at. It's like winning the lottery if you find a Colt firearm that's priced to sell but they rarely make it past the set up phase of the show as the regulars jump in a day or 2 before the doors open and trade/buy/sell amongst themselves and that firearm is already marked up with a story behind once the public gets a look see.

    Thanks for the heads up though. The more eyes, maybe someone can find a hidden pearl amongst the standard stuff. They just don't have shows like they did in our "Yout" or they are goegraphically across the country and hard to gamble on a distance trip only to find the same ole same.

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    I deal with Keri and Ashley . Great people make a great company . I highly recommend them .
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    I can second that. Keri is always extremely helpful when I call.
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    I am lucky, Taylor's is just around the block from work for me. I've checked in more than once and their guns are more than worth the money. I alays walk out trying to figure out a way to budget in one more purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guy sajer View Post
    I deal with Keri and Ashley . Great people make a great company . I highly recommend them .
    Several times I have talked with Ashley and she was a GEM for her help. I have also talked with their gunsmith several time and he was just fantastic. I talked over the problem I was having and worked me thru the checks he would make and in the end, he told me what to do to solve the problem. Really GREAT folks to deal with.

    I also got an e-mail from Taylors too and sure wish they were closer to me. I just can't see driving 8-9 hours for the visit.


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