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Thread: Another Ugly Gun Award

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeColt View Post
    I disagree! The BDM looks like a "smoothed" High Power to me, and I find it an attractive shape. (The graceful shape even shows through the zebra stripe treatment.) The steel frame allows for a very thin frame, making the BDM great for small hands. The DA-only or traditional DA/SA selective option is unique and I always wondered why it never caught on more. Perhaps it was because it was introduced just before the 1994 magazine ban and the market favored designs with a pool of high capacity magazines available. For those interested, CDNN has genuine Browning 15-round BDM magazines available.

    Now I need to follow the link to see if the zebra finish enhances the value or reduces it ….
    Don't get your Depends in a wad there Judge. I own one myself and it's one of my favorite pistols to shoot, especially in the DAO mode. In my opinion it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing Browning ever made but it definitely doesn't need this kind of treatment......

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    I bought a BDM when they were discounted. Loved shooting it, and it was a good looking gun. But then came the mandatory division of assets, where I sold most of my collection, including my Brownings.

    When I look at the hideous paint on that BDM, which only a zebra could love, I wonder: Was this done to devalue the gun, preparing for an impending divorce? Or was he just plain stupid???

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    Zebra stripes serve to distort a predators view of the zebra when moving.

    This could be an advantage when using this gun in a defensive manner.

    It could be that the perp might laugh them self to death too.
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    I don't know much but at least I know that much.

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    Another fubar.
    A wise collector once told me that you never pay too much, it's just that you may buy a little early.
    (credit to thecoltguy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by STARVATION View Post
    I would rather see everyone's dogs than that gun.
    I can't tell if that thing is a white pistol with black stripes, or a black pistol with white stripes.
    A question for the philosophers I suppose.
    This is my dog:

    He is cool.

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    Yes, your dog is definitely easier to look at than that gun!

    Personally, I think that gun would never get stolen... who would want to steal a gun that gaudy?
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