A choice between 2 family colts...
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Thread: A choice between 2 family colts...

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    The biggest driven factor in the collecting field I believe is "rarity". If a car, gun or whatever else is considered rare, it is highly sought and people will pay a much huger price than probably a comparable item that might be better and far cheaper. Why? To make others jealous and pizzed off? Because they think it must be the best because it`s the highest price? Maybe they buy it strictly as a investment and believe it will still go higher? Most collectors of ANYTHING probably own a similar item that they will use but not the rare item. If there was no one to admire our good taste would we bother to buy that expensive rare object?
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    "Rare" is a factor but not everything when it comes to value. A 1969 Corvette with the base 3-speed transmission is rare...the vast, vast majority were built with the upgraded 4-speeds or automatics. They might be rare but have little market value because no one wants them for anything but to modify. Now...a Python with a 2-digit serial number is even more rare and the market value reflects it. A single-digit Python is even more rare and values reflect that.

    Cars and guns...not exactly apple-to-apple comparison except in certain circumstances.
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    Op, what would your Grandfather want you to have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingcobb
    Well my older cousing who got to pick ahead of me originally choose the gun I was hoping to get. But he has changed his mind and asked if I would be ok with him picking the NM instead. I am completely fine with that as it means I get the 1896 .45 that my grandfather carried on the ranch and was the first single action I ever shot!

    I am thrilled!
    I would be too! IMO I'd consider you a lucky man either way But nothing special about a 1960 NM. And likely why it sat admired but unused. I'd guess your ancestor really appreciated the gesture, just not the gun.

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    My great uncle had no kids. Which is why my uncle inherited his firearms when he passed.

    The NM set in the case for I am certain the same reason his service 1911 from WWI set in the case. He apparently told his kids he had fired that 1911 enough in Europe and had no interest in ever shooting one again.
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