Is This Jim Martin With Clint Eastwood?
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Thread: Is This Jim Martin With Clint Eastwood?

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    Sheb Wooley...the "Purple People Eater" guy.
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    When I was a kid, I saw Sheb Wooley in my home town doing his fast draw. He would place a paper cup on the top of his hand, fast draw an hit the cup before it hit the ground.
    I grabbed the cup off the stage and got his autograph on it, have no idea what ever happen to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matchlock View Post
    Good call Matt, and as you know, there are still a lot of photos in existence with Jim in them along with many other famous people from the old westerns.

    Not a lot of people know this but Jim Martin was instrumental in training many of the young "cowboys" of the movies. A lot of our western movie cowboys got their start in movies with Jim Martin teaching them how to handle the famed "Sixgun".

    Nice to see yet another photo with Jim Martin in it Matt, so thank you so much for posting that one here for us. It's always a pleasure to see my old saddle partner in these old photos. Hollywood wouldn't have been near as correct without your teaching over the years, Jim.

    all the best,

    Having watched a great many westerns in my youth I can attest that somebody with great skill taught those actors how to handle guns. I particularly like the fast action, so fast they can shoot 10 shots and you don't see the reload.

    I got to talk a little with Jim over the phone and I have to put it down as a really great time filled with laughs. Thank you Jim for your time and for the trigger work.
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