New book with some Colts in it...
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Thread: New book with some Colts in it...

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    New book with some Colts in it...

    I just picked up the recently published book "Guns of the FBI" by Bill Vanderpool. I've paged through it and it's full of gun pics...including a number of Colts. It states the Official Police was a "primary Bureau-issue handgun in the mid-1930s." That the photo is of a post-war Official Police is a small matter. It also says the Police Positive was a popular alternative revolver for agents. It has the .38 Super and the Thompson SMG...and a photograph of a number of them on a rack. I imagine most have been destroyed by now. Colt Monitors are present as well. There's also photos of J. Edgar Hoover's personal sidearm...a Pocket Positive with a bobbed hammer spur. He was also given a set of bookends by the Gun Vault and FBI Exhibits Sections made with two Official Police revolvers and displayed in Hoover's office for years.

    It goes over some of the Bureau's training process with seemed pretty primitive in the early days....but most law enforcement firearms training was probably no better at the time. It also has a chapter on the Miami Massacre and the resulting 10mm debacle.

    The book isn't perfect...some photos are used more than once which is a small criticism.

    I'm looking forward to sitting down and actually reading the book rather than drooling over the photos.
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    The 10mm may have been a debacle for the FBI but for the rest of us not so much. It’s like a friend of mine said when I let him shoot my 10mm auto, “that’s what all 1911’s should be like”.
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    Interesting! BTW I was in an FBI arms room in NY about 20 years ago. Lots of 1921 Thompson’s and even more H&K MP5s in 10mm....some select fire and others semi only. I remember wishing I had a grocery cart with me to fill.
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