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Thread: Glock G44 22LR

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    I tend to sound bad at times when you read my post because I compare things when I think about them. This new Glock model 44 is just like the rest of the Glocks, really ugly to a collector who has loved all steel guns. Thing is its like a pig, a very ugly animal that is really smart but taste really good too. Once you get past the ugly you see the real value in pigs and Glocks. I have room in the safe for the New Model 44 but will wait till the bugs are worked out. By then the accessories will be all over the market and maybe even a 22 magnum conversion kit.

    I like Glocks and fact is the company is a stand up bunch of folks because no matter what model you bought you can still buy magazines made by Glock for it. Not so with some of the other big names.
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    I have acquired one of each of two of the currently most talked about 22lr handguns on the market today, a Glock G44 and a Taurus TX22.

    The G44 is only available with 10 round mags, while the TX22 can be had with either 10 or 16 round mags. Since I insisted on the no manual safety model TX22, mine came with 10 rounders because that is all his distributor had in stock. I added a pair 16 rounders that my LGS had on the rack.

    So today I took both of my new peashooters to the range.

    I had pre-loaded all four of my TX22 mags and both G44 mags with Blazer 40 grain before going to the range. Both guns functioned perfectly, this was the G44's second outing, but the maiden voyage for the TX22.

    I then put away the 16 round mags for the Taurus.

    Next, I opened a box of Federal 36 grain HP in the 525 bulk pack. I proceeded to load two mags for each pistol. This was not intended to be an accuracy test, only a function test. I shot two mags through each pistol and reloaded. I continued to shoot all four mags and reload all four mags until I had burned through the entire package of 525 rounds.

    I had zero malfunctions, no FTF, no FTE, no stovepipes, no misfires, etc. with either pistol, absolutely flawless function from both guns.

    I continued my test with a 333 pack of Winchester 36 grain HP ammo with identical results, 100% flawless function.

    G44 or TX22, either should enable you to have a nice session at the range.
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