Need HELP identifying my colt revolver that I inherited
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    Cool Need HELP identifying my colt revolver that I inherited

    Good evening fellow Colt members!! I need help identifying my Blackpowder Colt Revolver that I was left after one of the most important people in my life past away. A little about the gun its in its original box that says Blackpowder on it. all the serial numbers match at 087. on the top of barrel it says -ADDRESS SAM- COLT NEW YORK CITY. It also has engraving on revolver. Ill actually just post some pictures of it instead of describing it as they say "pictures explain 1000 words". So please if you have any idea of when or what this gun is please let me know. Thanks all!
    IMG_1277.JPGIMG_1274 (1).JPGIMG_1273.JPG IMG_1282.JPGIMG_1276.JPG

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    Need HELP identifying my colt revolver that I inherited

    Sam Colt Signature Series 1848 Dragoon United States Marine Corp Third Generation Commemorative Nickel and Gold Plated Black Powder Cap and Ball .44 cal Revolver, I think.

    Engravings should read "Sam Colt Semper Fidelis" on the backstrap, and "Address Sam Colt New York City" on the top of the receiver. Cylinder has an ornate cavalry scene, and reads "Colt's Patent" and "Model U.S.M.R." If you have the powder keg it should be ornate, and is engraved "Sam Colt" around the cap. Should have come in a case with a number of accoutrements. Hard to tell from the pictures though but I think that is what it is.
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