Lets see Antique Smokeless SAAs
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    Lets see Antique Smokeless SAAs

    I was inspired to start this thread by comments in a recent thread that raised questions regarding the price paid for the rebuilt antique SAA in a recent auction - http://rockislandauction.com/viewitem/aid/1016/lid/115.

    The antique SAA in question had a sn below 20K on the frame and TG. The BS had no sn and may not have been original as it held replacement 2 piece stocks. The barrel and cylinder were what look to be late 1st Gen or 2nd Gen parts (ie, smokeless powder parts).

    Ignoring the possible collector interest in this SAA because of its low sn, the price paid for this gun appears to reflect its status as an antique SAA rebuilt to safely shoot smokeless powder loads. As such this SAA represents the best of both worlds - The transferability of an antique and the ability to function with smokeless powder. Some are willing to pay a premium for such a SAA.

    I'm curious to see other antique SAAs rebuilt to shoot smokeless loads owned by members of this forum, including CAS shooters who may have had their antique SAAs fitted with an extra interchangeable Smokless Powder barrel and cylinder set.

    To get things started here are pictures of a rebuilt 1897 SAA with a 2nd Gen barrel and cylinder I picked up for a comparable price. Let's see some others that are out there.

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    1862 Navy

    Navy Colt converted by factory to .36 rimfire. all matching...
    found the box of .36rimfire in a gunshop going out of business for $5. not a type...five bucks... (the gun was a BIT more)
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