Missing Python Roll Mark Stamp on Bright Stainless Python Barrel
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Thread: Missing Python Roll Mark Stamp on Bright Stainless Python Barrel

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    I concur the box/label look correct (lotta fakes out there) .....congrats on a intresting piece

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    Depends on what you paid for it but if I was buying a Python, I would want everything it that it supposed to be there!
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    I would keep it as it is.
    Not only do you have a desirable bright SS but you have a unique one at that.
    It goes without saying that it is a Python. No need for roll marks to inform the uninformed.
    It kind of goes along the lines of "if you need to ask how much it is, then you can't afford it".

    Enjoy it and to heck with 'Colt correctness' !
    Thanks for sharing.
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    If it came from the factory that way then leave it that way. Adding roll marks would lower it's value.

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    Have to agree with the last 2 posts, anyone who knows anything about revolvers knows what a Python looks like. Why add the stamps knowing that then it HAS been altered since leaving the factory.

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    The point to some of the collectors factory error guns is that some of them were not capable of being test fired.
    The question is, if the gun could not physically BE fired, how did it make it through the factory inspection and test fire procedures?

    It's been many years ago and i was only able to take a fast look at some of his collection, but among others he had a factory new revolver (S&W??) that had one caliber cylinder and a smaller caliber barrel.

    A Colt Officer's Model Target from the 1930's when quality was at the very top that looked like someone in the factory made up a gag gun as a joke. The OMT was Colt's top of the line back then.
    It had about everything wrong that could be wrong, with a blued finish that looked like it had been polished with a finger nail file.
    It was badly out of time and just looked like crap.
    How could that get out of Colt's factory?

    He had any number of rifles chambered in one caliber with the wrong caliber stamped on the barrel.
    I once saw one of these at my old club when we held a sighting in day for deer hunters.
    One man had a brand new Remington 742 stamped 30-06, but was chambered for .308.

    The point is, make lots of something and strange things happen and don't get caught by even the best inspection system.

    And as we've seen on this forum a number of times, don't ever think that someone can't remove stampings from a gun and not leave any sign of removal.

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    For what it's worth I was the one that posted photos of a 6" stainless Python with no markings several years ago. It had the "VP" stamp and the inspectors stamp near the grip frame but no other markings, Colt did request that it be returned for correct markings. The gun belonged to a friend of mine and he decided to keep it as is. I still have photos of it but they are on an old hard drive and I haven't taken the time to retrieve them. I ordered a letter from Colt without letting them know that it was for the unstamped Python. It is the earliest known Python (by letter) to be shipped. It was shipped 1/11/83 to a dealer in NY. My friend sold the gun without letting me know and to this day we do not speak to each other because of this. Some day I'll dig out the old hard drive an repost the photos. D*
    If you keep doing what you always did you will always get what you always got

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    Interesting Daryl, I think yours may have been one of the previous posts that I read from many years ago that made me realize that this could potentially be a mismarked gun from the factory and not a re-barreled gun or possibly having been refinished. Thanks. Sorry it didn't work out with the gun and your friend.

    I was able to contact Paul from Colt archive services today and he was very helpful with my inquiry. When I started to describe this situation he stopped me and asked if I had a posting on the Colt Forum about this topic, as he frequents this forum and had read my posting and some of the replies. I thought that was cool, and sure simplified my explanation. I requested an official letter on the gun which should contain its original surface finish, among other things. UNOFFICIALLY, purely based on just what he saw in my pictures and description, he thought everything looked good-to-go with the gun as far as it being a bright stainless finish from the factory, with the possibility that it may have just been partially marked during production. If you're reading this again Paul, thanks for the help, it was nice talking with you.

    I appreciate the great advice from all perspectives provided so far as well as the resource POC's for various gun services. I think at this point I will at least look into some of the gunsmith POC's provided and see what I would be looking at as far as time and money to alter this gun back to original (correct original-HaHa), but I am leaning heavily towards just shooting it and enjoying it. Like it was mentioned several times earlier, I know what the gun is, not needing a stamp on the side to remind me, and the fact that even though it doesn't look as it was intended to look from the factory, it's quite possible now that it most likely left the same factory with this altered appearance, so I guess it's original, kind of...LOL

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