Perceived value
In marketing terminology, perceived value is the customers' evaluation of the merits of a product or service and its ability to meet their needs and expectations, especially in comparison with its peers.”

If you desire one, and can figure out how to afford one, nothing else will do. If you want a Colt E/I frame in .357 Magnum that shoots exceedingly well and are less concerned about the finish, reputation or cool factor, a model 357 or Trooper will do nicely. I have a 1960 4” 357 that out shoots my 1979 4” Python and cost ¼ of the Python. But it isn’t a Python. And my 1962 6” Trooper out shoots both and cost ½ what the 357 cost. But it isn’t a Python.

As as an item that is reputed to have no peer (true or not), the perceived value is high and will probably remain higher than most modern revolvers whether it makes economic sense or not.