Seeking Python knowledge....
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Thread: Seeking Python knowledge....

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    Seeking Python knowledge....

    Hello Python lovers,

    I'm wanting to get into a mid 60's snubby and have questions. I appreciate any sage advice I can get.

    1) Does the mid 60's python box have the serial # listed? if so, is it typed or written?

    2) What should non-target grips look like? Are the medallions silver? Any writing or marks on the inside of the grip?

    3) What accessories came from the factory?

    Its a expensive purchase, but I've always wanted one so I'm trying to edumacate meself!



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    In order.............

    1. The box would have the serial number and a description of the model name, model number, barrel length, caliber, and finish.
    I'm not sure about whether the serial was hand written or printed, but I "think" it was hand written.
    BEWARE of fake boxes. These are commonly sold on ebay and other sites.

    2. The Colt Service grips would have GOLD medallions for a Python.
    Colt pretty closely followed the standard of the Python getting Gold, all others getting Silver, until the late 70's-early 80's when everything got Gold medallions.

    Here's what Colt post-50's Service grips looked like. Note that genuine Colt grips will have a blued steel screw and a single bushing on the RIGHT side grip. Some nickel guns got nickel screws and bushing. A common feature of fakes are brass screws and bushings on both sides, and the wood is often an Asian hardwood, not American Walnut......


    3. Accessories varied over the years but I "Think" a 60's would come with a blued steel round disk Colt screwdriver with "COLT" stamped on one side, and the Colt pony on the other, a "Shooting the handgun" booklet, and some sort of brief, generic owner's manual on revolvers.
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    A mid-1960's Python would have been shipped in a two-piece box with lift-off lid. The exterior of the box top would have been covered in wood grain paper. the inside of the top and the bottom of the box would have been green with Colt logos in gold. There would have been a label on one end, but the serial number would have been written on the outside bottom of the box in black marker. Colt double action revolvers were not provided with model specific manuals until the 1970's. The paperwork in the box would have been a generic pamphlet titled "Handling the Handgun" (probably form number A-247-1) and a three-part warranty card probably printed in red. For that particular period, the warranty cards were not numbered or dated. As defariswheel stated, it probably would have had the little key chain sight adjusting tool. As you may notice, there are a lot of "probablys" associated with Colt paper work. Colt is infamous for mixing up the paperwork and giving collectors headaches. I have attached some photos of a Colt box from the early to mid-1960's, one of the Handling the Handgun pamphlets and a red-printed warranty card (ignore Frontier Scout manual). This box is for a Frontier Scout, but the Python boxes were the same except for the labels.
    - -Buckspen
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