basic relading 101
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Thread: basic relading 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Heywood View Post
    ...I enjoy loading for odd calibers. There is a lot of satisfaction in turning out a good load. My favorite is for the .32-20.
    To that I will add .41 Colt and a few big black powder boomers like .45-70, and 577-450 Martini-Henry. As much as I enjoy reloading, I find it a chore to assemble large amounts common pistol cartridges, like one might use shooting club matches. For most of the "bowling with bullets" games bulk ammo is good enough unless you are trying to "make major" with 9mm.

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    Should not be a problem for you to reload, I am 76 and have reloaded for years. Used to shoot with a guy with Parkinson's and he reloaded at the bench for his rifle. His hands shook quite a bit but he could stop the shake long enough to seat his bullets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday 1950 View Post
    Since my wife found her perfect concealed ( Ruger LCR snub 327 magnum) revolver, we go 2X's/week to our range. Like with my 357 in magnum revolvers there are different loads to chose from, she has 32 H&R, .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long plus the 327 in mag ammo. We can easily do 3-4 boxes of 32 S&W long Privi Partizan 98 grain practice ammo & her SD is 32 H&R Hornady 80 grain Critical Defense. I pay under $19 /box for SD carry & 50 & pay under $13/box of 50
    for practice ammo. My carry is the King Cobra revolver 3" long & use 38 sp. Magteck for practice & Hornady 357 for SD. Those are a tad more costly.

    Are there 1 or 2 step reloading systems that I can roll my own? Truthfully I;m scared. At 70 yrs. young my hands sren't as steady as a young man hands are.

    As always, All responsed to my post are welcome

    Shoot Well & be Accurate

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    For a revolver you can get started with trial boss powder. It's so easy to use you can mark the case where the bottom of the projectile will be seated and fill to there.
    Until it's compressed it's safe

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