What can you tell about this 1883 Colt SAA?
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Thread: What can you tell about this 1883 Colt SAA?

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    I wonder why my letter says Type of Stocks = "Not listed" in 1883 (although they are wood) and your letter says Type of Stocks = "wood", in 1886? Was this a change that Colt made after 1883 to specify the stock material as wood? It's also interesting that your gun was made in 1883 but didn't ship until almost 3 yrs later. That's odd. I would think that as fast as they were cranking these out that they wouldn't be sitting around long. But then again, yours is "nickle" which is no doubt more rare which may explain the delay. Being more expensive it may well have stayed "in stock" until someone special ordered a nickle one. I'm just speculating. Nice gun and verrrry interesting!
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    That would put a suitable revolver in or under the low 180,000 Sr. # range of what you can own there. Correct?
    Hi, almost... The cutoff date in France is 1900 but there is a particular requirement for the Colt SAA in which revolvers with a serial number above 192,000 are excluded.

    Well, I got the price down a little on the 1897 .38-40 and put a deposit on it. I know for a lot of people here the 1883 is a much more valuable and collectible gun... If I still lived in Florida I would have gone for it and bought an Italian copy for shooting. I will still buy an Uberti in .45, but I have to wait a year... By buying a real Colt now I am making sure that I won't have to give it back when European laws change, and scratching an itch I've had for years. The 1897, I will shoot very sparingly and only with BP. The serial being in the 174K range, I can do so without too much worry. Destroying an antique would make me sick, and not for financial reasons. So I went with the less collectible and more recent gun, for the steel... There might be counter arguments, but I also like the 4-3/4" barrel much better. I just feel better about this decision now.

    Ya'll have a great week-end,

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