Sam Colt Sesquicentennial
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    Sam Colt Sesquicentennial

    Just received my new Inbox 45 my question is is it worthwhile to try to find a shooter cylinder so as not to mess up the factory engraved cylinder? I got this pistol to be a shooter but now that I’ve seen it I’m reluctant to do so . Any thoughts on the matter 🤔
    Thanks and advance for the input

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    Hey T-Bone. If you don't think you should the commemorative---you're probably right. Save it as new and go buy another as a shooter. You can't have too many.

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    I would not. It's a commemorative and they hold their value in unfired condition. I think it is great that you want to shoot it. Have a blast with it, shoot it a lot. If you ever wanted to sell it and had gone to the trouble to have a "Shooter cylinder" the buyer could still tell that the gun had been shot.

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    I asked myself the same question when I bought my first commemorative Colt. I pondered buying another "shooter" cylinder.
    As pointed out when you go to sell it the gun has still been shot and will be easy identified as one.
    Most commemorative guns do not really go up in value infact given what they cost 30 yrs ago compaired to what they sell for now a regulor SAA would of been a better investment. I planned on shooting mine untill I found another one that was fired. So now I have two of the same commeroratives.
    I like the commerorative pistols as shooters as they are often priced lower than regulor SAAs. I put a set of ram horn grips and fitted a 45acp cylinder on mine. Makes a great shooter.
    Bottom line is it's yours do what you want to it and enjoy it. Shooting may decrease it's value but as long as you don't abuse it not by much.


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