38-40 WCF 1st Generation Colt SAA - a rare animal?
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Thread: 38-40 WCF 1st Generation Colt SAA - a rare animal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valman View Post

    I also have a Winchester 1983 and a Marlin 1889 in .38-40. The latter is a special order model with tang rear and hooded bead front sight. I have no problem ringing a steel plate at 200 meters with it using a moderate dose of Trail Boss.

    Some years back I did a piece for Gun Digest waggishly titled "The 10 Millimeter That Won The West" that outlined some of my adventures reloading the .38-40 Now I have collected a pretty good store of .38 WCF brass and by this time have figured out how to reload without buckling the thin case mouths.
    I also shoot a vintage .38-40 winchester '73 rifle made in 1885. Like you I get outstanding accuracy even at 200 yds and better results than with same rifles or carbines in other calibers. I don't know why or how but the .38-40s seem to fly faster with flatter trajectories than the others....

    ... I like them !
    ". . . and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."​ Luke 22:36

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    We have shot many deer with Great-grandpa's 1873 .38 WCF....also made in 1885.

    Because of that rifle, we have three 1st Gen SAA's to accompany it.
    And four Ruger Blackhawk Buckeye Convertibles.

    We reload for them.
    In the Winchester and in the Colts, we load "The Bull Shop" gas-checked bullets. Excellent accuracy. (The Winchester bore is not good, but it shoots these bullets sooooo well!)
    Daniel at The Bull Shop had the gas-checked mold designed at our request. Bullet has a crimp groove also.

    In the Buckeyes, we load Oregon Trail Laser Cast.

    Why would anyone who had an 1873 .38 WCF Winchester not have a Colt to match? !!!

    Why would anyone who had a .38 WCF Colt SAA not have a '73 Winchester to match? !!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by blackpowder View Post
    Well, I would say that statement holds true for the 21st century. With more than a dozen different handgun calibers to choose from, third best seller would be top of the line and by no means unpopular. In the late 19th century, with less than a handful of calibers to choose from, third best does not seem very good.
    I have to admit you have a point there, I hadn't really thought of it in that way.

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