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Butch Cassidy’s Childhood Home

Butch Cassidy’s Childhood Home

Butch Cassidy’s Childhood Home In Utah

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THOUGH HE GREW UP TO become an internationally wanted outlaw, Butch Cassidy’s life had more humble beginnings, as he was raised by Mormon pioneer parents in a remote cabin in Utah.

Born as Robert Leroy Parker on April 13, 1866, he was the oldest of 13 children and grew up on a small ranch south of Circleville, Utah. Parker left home in his teens and supported himself by working as a farmhand on ranches and dairy farms. While working on one such farm he was mentored by a cattle rustler named Mike Cassidy and began using Cassidy as his own surname. Several years later, while apprenticing for a butcher in Rock Springs, Wyoming, he acquired the nickname “Butch,” and went by the name Butch Cassidy for the rest of his life.

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