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The holster, belt, mag pouch, and buckle, are one set of the multiples I made for the movie.


I used the engraving pattern from "Agent Russell's" movie gun as the inspiration for the carving on the holster/belt/mag pouch set.


I built the first prototype holster (left) just they way they instructed me to. Then I built the one on the right as an alternative. They like the alternative and I made multiples for Jeffery Dean Morgan, his stunt doubles, and extra long belts to be worn over harnesses used to toss the actor/stunt double around in the Globemaster III "Flying Budda" cargo plane when George breaks loose.

I didn't need the wide-toe prototype, so I gave it to the Prop Master. I told him it wasn't very collectable since it wasn't going to be used in the movie, but I thought he might like to have it.

The holster is worn prominently by Morgan's character throughout the movie. But in the final scene, I noticed Morgan's holster had been swapped out for the original wide-toed prototype!


When I got back from the theater I emailed the Prop Master and asked him if I saw what I thought I saw in the final scene.


He emailed back, "Yup." I thought that was hilarious the Prop Master would put his own holster into the movie for a cameo appearance. I wish I had thought of something like that!


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It’s that your career? Movie industry?

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It’s that your career? Movie industry?
No skilled. My business is divided primarily between providing authentic reproduction old west holsters, belts, and saddles for Western Action Shooters and reenactors, and making holster patterns for the leather crafting industry. But every once in a while, an armorer or prop master on a movie will seek me out to get something special designed for a movie, especially if they want it to be fancy and/or look "aged and distressed".