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  1. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Well trying to find out if it’s authentic or not seems to have all the correct markings and the serial number comes back to it correctly but that can be faked. Thoughts ?
  2. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Hello All, I found what appears to be a Walker Colt in a presentation case with all of the extras in it. At face value it seems to be the real thing and it is rather well used and worn. The presentation case has a brass plate with a name engraved on it but it is well polished and almost...
  3. New Members Introduction
    I am helping a friend out trying to get info on a gun. It has been in a safety deposit box for 35 years. It looks to be a colt walker, fo not know if original or replica. Any way it has this what looks like a copper bar screwed on to the bottom of the butt that is ingraved SGT COOK...
  4. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I cn't seem to find anyone that makes a holster for the 1847 colt walker. Anyone know of a company that does at a reasonable price?
1-4 of 4 Results