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  1. The Lounge
    Hello, New here . I was in hopes someone would be able to tell me what the x278 inside my 1851 colt navy would stand for . There are 6 regular serial numbers and these i found inside . Thanks much
  2. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Hello, New to the forum, i had a look through the photos everyones posted in the stickied thread but didn't see what i was looking for and couldn't find anything through the search function. This is probably a bit of a longshot but i was wondering if anyone has, or knows of a place, that i...
  3. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Howdy there. I am very new to Cap and Ball shooting and could use some information. I have a pair of cabelas "51's" in 44 caliber with the brass frames. I am aware that they are not period correct in anyway, but so far they are fun to shoot. I had no idea that they would be this fun. That being...
  4. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I bought a few of these when they came out about 20 yrs ago. Supposedly the S/N ranges were supposed to pick up where the 2nd Gen left off. Was looking at the S/N on my 1851 Navy, and it matched up with a 1st Gen made in 1853. Interesting coincidence! I've seen the flaking/pitting of the plating...
  5. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Hello, I'm new to the site and thought this would be the best place to try and get some information about this .36 Cal Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver s/n 33958 manufactured in 1853 that will be coming up in our auction in April. We are trying to identify the marking at the top of the backstrap...
  6. Colt Revolvers
    I was recently given an Italian Colt 1851 (rounded trigger guard) and am clueless as to whether or not this firearm is suitable for fire or even the specifics of use. Along the right hand side of the octagonal barrel it says, "XX9 CAL .36 NAVY MODEL MADE IN ITALY, whereas on the left it says...
1-6 of 11 Results