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1861 navy

  1. Trying to get a little more info on this Colt M1861 Navy

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Hi all, I've recently got into Colt revolvers, both SAAs and the old C&B models. I picked this one up at a local firearms store, but I'm having difficulty finding information on it. I believe from what I've been able to find, that it's a 2nd generation, but not positive. Would love some input...
  2. WTB--Guide Screw for Colt Signature Series 1860 Army / 1861 Navy

    Want to Sell
    The "guide screw" on the 3rd Gen frame corresponds to the "shoulder stock screw" on original Colts, but THEY ARE NOT THE SAME SIZE. I bought a shoulder stock screw from Dixie Gun Works, and it simply does not fit. If anyone has a line on 3rd gen Colt BP parts (other than Numrich, Dixie...