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  1. Single Action Army
    Hey y’all, I’m new to the forum but I was here to see if anyone would have any information on past owners of a gun I was passed down by my grandpa. It is 1900 SAA .38wcf with a 4 3/4 barrel. The serial number is 197880. As far as Ik my grandpas father bought it from a hitchhiker somewhere in...
  2. Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hey guys, I am looking to buy an old Colt auto loader. I was wondering if Colt made stainless steel autos back than? I see a lot of nickel and blued but not stainless. If not, does anybody know the earliest and what model Colt started making stainless autos. I love love colt and went to...
1-2 of 2 Results