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1917 colt 45

  1. New to Colt Forum, M1917 revolver questions

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    I have an M1917 Army DA revolver I would like to know more about. It was my fathers and is pretty beat up. All the part numbers match (5424) and the Colt serial # is 250778. The Army # is 95883, and it has an S20 stamp on the upper frame, the Colt stamp is light and the grips are not original...
  2. New Hand made Grips 1917 Colt 45

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    I need to replaced some broken wooden grips on my 1917 Colt 45 Army Service Revolver and didn't care for what I found on the internet so I tried to make my own. I found a company called out of Arizona that sold a great simple piece of Black Walnut 3" x 6" x 1/2 " thick $6...